Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just my luck!

This past Sunday my husband's car broke down. He drove it to the store to buy yours truly a bottle of wine, and when he came out of the store it wouldn't start. I felt a teeny bit bad that this happened when he was doing me a favor, but luckily the wine helped numb my guilty conscience :)

Anyhow, after I picked him up (he was only about a mile away), we did some google research on the symptoms, and were a little discouraged as a fairly expensive problem seemed to keep getting mentioned as the probable culprit. However, I decided I wouldn't worry about it. My car is newer, under warranty and runs great. If this turned out to be something we could not afford to fix right away, thank goodness for my vehicle. I also decided to feel grateful for his car and the good fortune we have had with it- It was a gift from my mother and father in law. It's ten years old, but has only 65,000 miles on it. We have not had any repair costs on it, just oil changes, etc.. in the two years we have had it. I told myself these things a few times, then tossed the whole thing out of my mind.

Monday morning we had it towed (which was covered by insurance, and another pleasant surprise as we didn't think we had this coverage) and were told that afternoon that it was a small part and our bill was $128 total.  We were both happy and grateful.

This situation could be just as easily looked at in a negative light. We could have chosen to be upset that it happened to us, especially when our finances are not great, but what good would that do?

I've decided that this was "just my luck" and that's a good thing!

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