Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LOA when you're sick is no fun...

Every member of my family has come down with the flu one after the other for the past week.  I was really excited to start journaling and doing the exercises from "The Attraction Distraction", but it's had to wait. I was able to find some awesome forums and message boards. One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging my journey was because most of the LOA and positive thinking blogs out there are written by people who have already become "experts" at LOA and are now life coaches. They are wonderful blogs, and I'm following several, but I would love to read about others who are still novices, trying to figure out how to become true practitioners.

I thought I would share a small success story regarding LOA. When we were in Asia last month and found out we were coming home, we also found out that our team was not going to honor our contract, which included a severance package. I had just read most of Rhonda Byrnes book, The Power, which goes into detail about gratitude for what one does have. She stresses the importance of being grateful for everything we have and not getting into a place of focusing on our lack of things or want of things.

I made the decision that we would not stress about what we did not have. I looked at the money we had earned and declared my gratitude for it. As soon as we got back to the States, I began to go through our mail from the past few months. In the large pile were two insurance checks, which were dividends from some class action lawsuit. There was also our reminder that our vehicle registration was due at the end of this month. I do believe this is the law of attraction at work. Getting the vehicle registration bill was certain to have given me anxiety, but those two checks, even though they were not huge, they helped offset the cost of the registration renewal, and why wouldn't I be grateful for that?

We had two other positive financial LOA examples that I will post about later. Right now I need to get some sleep. I'm hoping this flu goes easy on me. I want to get to work on manifesting good things.

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