Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just another love story...

I read The Power, by Rhonda Byrne, last month. I'm not sure how I came across it on Amazon, as I had no idea she even had a new book out. I wasn't looking for self help or law of attraction books, I was actually buying children's kindle books at the time. Bearenstain Bears to be exact, so how The Power popped up is beyond me.  I really like this book. After reading it, I realized there were a lot of things that were unclear to me as far as the self doubt I experienced while trying to implement The Secret.

The Power focuses on pretty much one thing- the feeling of love. It's so funny to me because I typically find most quotes about love so cheesy, and they usually trigger no emotional response from me. "Love is all you need"  and "love conquers all" and my personal least favorite "live, laugh, love" are all good examples of quotes that seemed to be made of pure fluff.  Really? This is actually eliciting a response from someone? That's what I USED to think. Because I thought people needed a lot more than love to survive.  However, after reading the book I have to say I know that all those quotes out there mean something to someone at some time, and I now truly respect that. Although I still am not fond of the "live, laugh, love" one...

But, back to the book. I find it very refreshing to see how the universe, or God, or the Great Spirit, or whatever power source you believe is out there, knows what you need and brings it to you. Last month was very stressful for my husband, who is in a field in which firing is VERY common. He was struggling, and I was just as stressed out. We were living in a really depressing part of Asia. A few days before I ran across The Power, I was sitting there stressing out, being impatient with our two children, and feeling sorry for myself. The sentence "My job is to love my husband and my children" just came to me. I figured if I could focus on something besides my troubles and myself then at least we could have some form of peace. A few days later I started The Power, which reenforced everything I was trying to do and it helped immeasurably. It certainly didn't stop the situation from being stressful and crappy, because he did get fired, and we are now back in America. The being back in America part could actually be a result of asking and receiving, because I was dreaming of being back here with all my comforts of home... but that's another topic for another day. I really think that if I hadn't been able to be calm and present emotionally, the situation could have been much worse as far as stress and anger as well as  the commotion that follows a cross world move.

My goal this year is to read as well as review several books on the law of attraction, and document my efforts in applying it. Right now I'm reading what I believe is my favorite so far- "The Attraction Distraction." It's a self published book by Sonia Miller. I'm about halfway through and I already feel more excited, confident and clear about this way of living than I ever have.

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