Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honoring feelings, both bad and good.

I've been spending time thinking about feelings (mostly ones of fear, but sometimes anger, etc..) when I am trying to manifest or simply be positive. When I first started to consciously practice the law of attraction and positive thinking, I would drive myself nuts worrying about feelings that didn't match what I was trying to manifest. 

After reading a few more books on the subject, I feel I've really got a better handle on what to do when feelings of stress, fear, negativity come up. I now know I need to acknowledge them, honor them and deal with them rationally. For example, I have a goal right now to have a certain amount of money in our bank/savings accounts. I want this not just to have money, but to have the freedom that having a financial "cushion" can provide us. When I visualize this, sometimes the thought comes up "how are you going to do this?" or "what if you don't accomplish this?" In the past I would have admonished myself for thinking that, and tried my hardest to start thinking of something positive, but that caused me a bit of anxiety in itself, and then I felt like I was in a terrible cycle of feeling bad. 

Now, when this happens, I've been working on recognizing it right when it starts. I tell myself that I am nervous about things, but I have a good plan and  a positive outlook. I also tell myself that a little fear, anger, etc is natural and part of the adventure. For some reason I love the word adventure, and this always works with me. When I have an internal dialogue that is respectful to myself and my feelings, I feel better, and naturally start to feel positive again. I really like this approach and it's worked well for me. I also tell myself that I've been nervous about things before and they have worked out, then I list the times this has happened. By doing this I've actually found that I'm remembering or discovering things that were manifestations but I didn't think they were. 

If I'm really feeling down, I try to go to a different place, even just a different room in the house. A lot of times I go online and look at cooking blogs for ideas on new things to make. My favorite thing to do now that I've discovered them, is to go on positive thinking forums and blogs. This works wonders. 

I also think it's important to honor good feelings. Sometimes I think about something good and I don't really appreciate it and enjoy it. If you make a note of something that's making you happy, it makes that feeling last just a little longer, and that's only a good thing!

Does anyone else have any ideas about what to do when yucky feelings creep up? I'd love to hear them. 

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