Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's making me happy now.

I've been pretty busy these past two weeks. I started work, which was great, but stressful. I did some visualization before my shifts (I'm an emergency social worker at night) that they would go well and I wouldn't be too overwhelmed and it worked. I feel very blessed because it was a busy weekend, yet during my shifts things remained relatively calm. 

It was also my birthday, and my kids gave me the best present ever- they cleaned their bedrooms and the loft upstairs. I have been asking for them to clean for me for years (really!) and this year they came through!

 The big story about my birthday is that I also got a pair of boots I have been admiring for years, but never really thought they would be mine because of the $369 price tag (yikes!) They are Frye boots, and there was one last pair at Dillard's on display, in my size, and they were 50% off. They were still expensive, but it was two days before my birthday so I had extra money from my mom and dad, just burning a hole in my pocket! That was definitely a case of visualizing then letting go. I have wanted these boots for several years, and even put them on a vision board on my iphone at one time. But I never spent time concentrating or stressing about them. I just basically really liked them and that was it. Being patient is such a big part of practicing LOA and positive thinking. 

I also read about a game on a blog I read a lot. The author is really into board games, and posted about his game collection, which started a whole conversation about these German board games I had never heard of. They're the kind of games you buy at the specialty game store, which is a place I thought was not for me, but for role playing gamers, like D&D fanatics. 

Anyway, I went to the store and got the game Ticket to Ride, and I am so glad I did. (By the way, when I post a link to amazon or anywhere else, it is just to be helpful. I live in a state that does not participate in the amazon/google program, so I make no money from anyone clicking on my link.) It is fun and the whole family enjoyed it. I'm glad I ventured a bit out of my comfort zone and tried something new It was a great way to spend the evening of my birthday. 

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